Lundborg Design Group is a collection of marketing, design and production professionals who use the latest digital technologies to create, distribute and maintain mixed-media communication tools.

Our experience is deep and wide; having worked in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer arenas. Since 1986, we have taken thousands of projects from conceptualization to various forms of digital completion.

A variety of design and production skill sets are needed to meet the many marketing challenges we face each week. Our unique ability to utilize a wide array of skills has proven successful in getting results.

Feel free to contact us for a fresh look at some exciting new projects showing a broad range of work completed in both print media and screen media formats.


Lundborg Associates Inc Oldschool LogoOver 28 years ago, we saw Desktop Publishing as a revolutionary new tool, capable of aiding businesses in their marketing, design and production efforts. So we set-out to establish one of the Twin Cities' first digital design studios.

There's no substitute for raw experience! As early pioneers in this digital industry, we have extensive experience designing and creating digital files and have brought literally millions of pages from napkins to computer screens, laser proofs to final film, plates to printed pages. We experienced the growth of an entire industry first hand.

With the help of a talented design team, we did it all over again with the emergence of the Internet. Not missing the "Desktop Publishing Boat" as it sailed for the first time in the 80's, we were not about to miss the "Internet Boat" in the late 90's either.

In 2000, we launched a collaborative design and production studio called subsites.com in our effort to better meet online needs. In short, any technology that aids our customers, is a technology we have learned to embrace.

We are excited to have added Corban Of Lundborg Design (COLD Studio) and Mestek MN to our creative mix. After visiting cold-studio.com and mestek-media.com you'll see that painting, illustrating, photography and advanced image editing are welcome additions.


Mike Lundborg, Stephanie Lundborg, Corban Lundborg, Ian Lundborg Photography

We share the responsibilities of new business development, account management, strategic planning, copywriting, art direction, web/graphic design, illustration and photography. Stephanie's responsibilities include accounting, office management and human resources. Mike's responsibilities include animation, interactive programming as well as website design and development.

Mike is also an adjunct professor at DeVry University where he teaches a variety of subjects within the College of Media Arts and Technology. Current curriculum includes:

Visual Design Fundamentals
Digital Imaging Fundamentals
Information Design
Web Design and Development
Web Animation
Instructional Design for Multimedia
Media Portfolio

As we move forward, we realize the ever-increasing importance of Social Media in both our personal and professional lives. You may find us at the following sites:

Social Media Experts Graphic

Our design process can be broken down into three major phases; the information phase, the interaction phase and the presentation phase. In turn, each of these phases may be divided into three steps. Please see the link below for more information.

Using a file management system we call digital data distribution, we gather, create and manage digital data as we design and develop printed, Internet-based and interactive projects. This process allows us to work quickly, more cost-effectively and achieve better results.

Throughout both of these processes, we feel the most important skill we can offer is our ability to communicate. By asking a lot of questions and listening with intensity, we are able to deliver highly effective mixed-media solutions.

design process

Information Phase – The first part of the design process is the information phase. During this phase, important project details are gathered.

Determine the goal of the project
Gather data about the target audience
Select the content for the project

Interaction Phase – The second part of the design process is the interaction phase, which looks at how visitors will interact with the project.

Determine the flow of the content
Plan control allowed to the viewers
Map the navigational structure

Presentation Phase – The final part of the design process is the presentation phase, which determines how the project will look.

Create loose layout thumbnails
Design the look of the project
Build beta site and develop project

design services

Conceptual & Strategic Planning – We work with you to develop new and innovative ways of thinking. We help you determine the "who, what, where, why and how" approach to sales. Our system contains informational outlines and fill-in-the-blank forms to help you plan your marketing strategy, set goals, as well as find new ways to reach your audience.

Copywriting & Graphic Design – Once your new strategic plan is determined, we continue by writing and designing the most affordable and effective mixed-media approach to help you reach your goals and increase sales.

Pre-Press Planning & Production – With the copy written and rough production specifications intact, we are able to begin the print estimating process. As the project is fine-tuned and better defined, we are capable of producing the most accurate digital files that run cleanly through any RIP. The film (or direct-imaging plates) we produce will be accurate and competitively priced.

Internet Planning & Production – Taking your concepts, words and graphics to the world wide web is where we really begin to save you time and money. We are capable of converting your data into PDF, HTML, HTML5, XHTML, XML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, ActionScript and other common languages for use on the Internet. As an added service, we are able to construct an individual and personal communications network (intranet and extranet) for your business.

New Media Planning & Production – Converting your concepts, words and graphics into PDF files, CD-ROM and DVD, QuickTime and broadcast video, Flash movies, Podcasts, applications for mobile devices as well as other up-and-coming forms of new media is extremely cost effective at this point. We simply take the digital data we have already created and translate it into one or more of these other new mediums to round out your mixed-media sales attack.

We realize the projects we do today are the stepping-stones for the work we will do tomorrow. This includes work from repeat customers as well as new clients brought in by the experience gained from recent projects.

We don't have a single style. We are multi-styled! We work together with our clients to find the precise message and visuals necessary for any given project and budget. These messages are then coupled with the brand and delivered through the design and development of mixed-media communication tools.

Many forms of print media (collateral, direct mail, trade show booths, environmental graphics) and a growing number of screen media (websites, subsites, eMailers, Interactive PDFs, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, applications for mobile devices) are used to deliver a multitude of messages.

Please refer to the interactive portion (at right) of this site to see samples of our work. Having worked on projects for over two decades, it is difficult to choose which pieces to showcase in such a small space. That being said, be sure to come back again soon as this portion of our site changes on a regular basis.

print media
Print Media in Minneapolis, MNIf you are interested in seeing some samples of the many printed pieces we have designed and developed over the last 28 years, please contact us to schedule a portfolio review.

screen media
Web Design Services in the Twin CitiesHaving designed and developed hundreds of websites, subsites, eNewsletters, eMailers and other digitally distributed forms of communication, it's difficult to even begin listing them here. If you are interested in seeing samples, please contact us and we will send more than a few URLs for your review.


Feel free to browse through some of our personal and professional projects at the following online portfolio sites.

Social Media Portfolio Graphic
LDG Graphic Design Samples